Our snail farm opened its gates in 2012. It covers an area of half hectare. It is located on the cliff of a hill, at 320 meters altitude, with abundant view of the valley of Argos and the hill of Mykines.

It is surrounded by privately-owned olive fields, vineyards and land covered with plants and herbs like thyme, oregano, sage, rosemary etc.

HELLIXFOOD is a family-owned enterprise with many years of experience in agricultural activities like olive and vineyards cultivations as well as high scientific knowledge and many years of experience in the fields of food technology and wine production science. Our care for the land and the continuous search for innovative cultivations and alternative methods in order to have the maximum agricultural result, led us in the adoption of the Italian open type, integrated biological circle, snail farm. It is a relatively new project, that we believe is going to fulfill our hopes on the production of pure, natural, healthy and high quality products.



The type of snail that is bred in our farm is the Helix Aspersa Muler or Crete’s snail, one the most widespread snails that we can meet in the Mediterranean. In Greece, it is widely spread in central Greece, in Peloponnese area and in the islands. In the English speaking countries it is known as Garden snail and in France as Petit Gris.

The snails in our farm are bred according to the Italian open type, integrated biological circle, breeding method. The breeding procedure follows the instructions of the National Institute of Snail breeding that is established in Cherasco of Italy.

We opt for this specific breeding method because during their entire biological circle, the snails evolve in a pleasant for them environment, similar and maybe sometimes more convenient than their natural environment. It is estimated that the meat of the snails bred in this way, is tastier and of superior quality compared to the meat of snails that comes from another breeding method. This is due to breeding and living in an environment which resembles the snails’ natural environment but is also safer and easier to control. .

Their feedstuff consists of specially snail breeding plants such as sunflower, chicory, sip, cabbage, nettle, pumpkin, wild artichoke etc.