Fresh, dried and cleaned snails packaged in net bags.


  1. Fresh, clean and dried snails in net bags of 1 kilo
  2. Fresh, clean and dried snails in net bags of 2 kilos
  3. Fresh, clean and dried snails in net bags of 7 kilos in a plastic tenter




The open type breeding method applied in our farm allows snails to follow their natural biological circle exactly in the same way like they follow it in nature.

Within that circle, they fall asleep every winter and every summer. When the weather is breezy enough, mainly in spring and autumn, they mate and increase their populations. This means that their extraction from the farm is allowed only on certain periods such as from April to May and from September until the end of November.

The collected snails before their distribution for consumption go through a cleaning and drying procedure. This step is very important and is performed with extra care, in line with our concern and interest for the supply of clean and healthy products. The snails pass through a period of fasting that lasts from 7 to 10 days, during which they are placed in a well-ventilated space without any food. At this time their alimentary canal becomes empty. In slow pace the snails start to create the epifragma, a membrane that seals the orifice. In this way the dry and cleaned snails are ready for sale.

The experienced consumers prefer snails with epifragma. These snails are tastier, have a better odour and are easier to digest.

The dried and cleaned snails from our farm have significantly low microbial loading and presence of heavy metals in comparison to the free range snails of the countryside.