Snails have been an integral part of human diet since the Paleolithic age. It was one of the most favorite dishes during the Minoan period while it still remains today one of the main dishes of the Mediterranean diet. Research shows that the higher life average of the Cretans is attributable to their diet which mainly consists of snails and virgin olive oil. Apart from Greece, snails are also considered a “gourmet” dish in French, Spanish and Italian cuisine. Snails are particularly loved by sommeliers as they go exceptionally well with wine. They also have high nutritional value and fewer calories than other foods within the same category such as, for example, meat or poultry. Nutritional...



Snails are indigestible. Myth! The Ancient Latin used to eat snails as protection against indigestion ,so this slogan came out: “the more you eat, the easier you digest”. Any case of indigestion may be coming from extremely spicy or not well-cooked sauces which frequently escort the cooked snails. The last part of the snails contains the dirts of the mollusc. Myth! The last part of the snail is the hepatopancreas, and is distinguished by the sommeliers as the tastiest and smoothest part of the snail, from which is produced a fine and very expensive product: the snail’s pate. Its consumption is of course recommended only from farm snails and not from free breeding snails. The dirt (excreta)...

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SNAILS WITH ONIONS AND TOMATO SAUCE MATERIALS 1 Kg of boiled snails according to the guidance above 1,5 kg small onions 10 garlic cloves 1 cup (tea size) of virgin olive oil 2 spoonfuls (soup size) of tomato paste 4 laurel leafs 2 cinnamon sticks salt pepper ½ cup (coffee size) vinegar ½ spoon (confectionery size) cumin (optional) PREPARATION We put the dry and cleaned snails in a bowl with cold water and we leave them there for 15 minutes. Afterwards, we put them in a colander and leave them under cold running water. Then, using our hands, we stir them gently and remove the epifragma (sealing) and any other remainder. We cover the colander with a towel in order to prevent the snails from...